Moorage Contracts

Instructions for completing your moorage contract online:
1) Select the contract that fits your intended length of stay, and/or billing cycle.
2) Create a profile in DocuSign, as per the instructions found in the external link.
3) Add the information as required within the linked form. (Be sure to have an electronic version of your vessel insurance)
4) Submit your form for review by our marina staff.
5) Make your payment: in person, via cheque in the mail, or with a credit card over the phone.

Annual Moorage Contract

Semi-Annual Moorage Contract

Monthly Moorage Contract

Transient Boater’s Moorage Contract

Insurance Update

Helpful Information
– Don’t forget the attachment! In order to complete our online contract, you will require an electronic version of your insurance. (You may use: PNG, PDF, JPEG & DOCX files.)
– Most fields within our forms are mandatory. If you are having a problem submitting your form, look for blank spaces.
– You will automatically receive a copy of the contract through the email address provided.
– 30 Day Notice of End of Contract is required or it will be assumed that you want to renew on the same terms.

Still Need Help?
Contact our marina office for assistance.