Whether you are a seasonal cruiser or need  year-round anchorage, we guarantee that a mooring slip at Fairwinds Marina will allow to you to get on the water more often and more quickly than you can from a big-city marina. Our welcoming and safe atmosphere ensures all boaters have their needs met.

Annual Moorage
Semi-Annual (6 Month)
Monthly Moorage
Transient Moorage

Annual Moorage

20 to 22 ft. slips$2280 + GST=$2394.00
25 ft. slips$2775 + GST=$2915.75
30 ft. slips$3450 + GST=$3622.50
35 ft. slips$3975 + GST=$4173.75
40 ft. slips$4620 + GST=$4851.00
50 to 65 ft. slips$6000 + GST=$6300.00

Semi-Annual (6 Month)

Semi-Annual (6 Month):
20 to 22 ft. slips$1292 + GST=$1356.60
25 ft. slips$1565 + GST=$1643.25
30 ft. slips$1937 + GST=$2033.85
35 ft. slips$2226.50 + GST=$2337.83
40 ft. slips$2576 + GST=$2704.80
50 to 65 ft. slips$3335 + GST=$3501.75

Monthly Moorage

20 to 22 ft. slips$12.05 pr.ft. $241.00 + GST=$253.05
25 ft. slips$11.70 pr.ft. $292.50 + GST=$307.13
30 ft. slips$12.12 pr.ft. $363.50 + GST=$381.68
35 ft slips$11.95 pr.ft. $418.25 + GST=$439.16
40 ft. slips$12.13 pr.ft. $485.00 + GST=$509.25
50 to 65 ft. slips$12.55 pr.ft. $627.50 + GST=$658.88

Transient Moorage

Peak season$1.40 pr.ft. + tax
Off season$1.10 pr.ft + tax
$5.00 for hydro/electrical

Please Note: A signed contract & up to date insurance is required before payments are received.

All moorage customers must provide evidence of a minimum of $2 million liability coverage.

*All annual, semi-annual & monthly moorage rates include hydro/electrical
*No annual moorage slip can be rented on a monthly basis (30-50′)
*Peak season runs from April 15th to October 15th each year



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