Passions Magazine!

The Fall/Winter Issue now available

As you hunker down and get cozy in anticipation of a chilly winter ahead, don’t forget the latest issue of Passions, to keep you entertained on long, dark nights. This issue is about finding comfort and joy in simple traditions, and embracing new ones to keep things interesting! We hope this collection of articles inspires you to renew your family’s customs while staying open to new perspectives and experiences.
In this edition, we dive deep into the magical world of local bookstores, interviewing Barb and Tom Pope, owners of Mulberry Bush bookstores. We also take a look into the baking craze that has risen up (pardon the pun) due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, and we make some delicious champagne-based cocktails. To keep us grounded, so to speak, our writers have included a wonderful piece about bonsai growing. You’ll also find the last instalment of Rob O’Dea’s thrilling seafaring adventures within these pages, along with so many other entertaining and interesting articles.